The Epic Rendezvous on the Border Expedition Special

12 days on the water: a relaxed wilderness canoe trip, traveling and fishing 50 to 75 miles on the old fur trade route.

We are often told “there wasn’t enough time to … ” (fish, swim, just kick back, complete a 50-miler, etc.).  And, they’re right; five, six, or seven days isn’t enough to do it all (i.e., “Want 50-miles?   Cut out all the fishing.”)

Here’s the chance to really experience the north country.  We’ve combined the 50-75 mile route of our 9-day trip with the layover days from our fishing trip special.   If you’ve got two weeks, we’ve got the trip!

8  Person Rendezvous Special

12 days / 13 nights
$7,400 per crew of 7-8 participants
All-Inclusive “Bottom Line” with tax exemption certificate
Equals $925 per participant with 8, $1057 per participant with 7

This is the Scouting experience which they will brag about now, and remember all of their lives