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Group Canoe Trip Leader’s Checklist

Here is a complete list of To-do’s extracted from our Leader’s Guide to High Adventure Canoe Trips.

  • As early as possible (Ideal: Preceding Fall …
    but we are still taking last minute reservations in July)

    • Troop Committee Reviews NCCO Booklet
    • Determine Trip Length and Package Preference
    • Establish Initial Trip Budget
    • Determine Starting Dates: 1st Choice and one or two alternates dates
    • First Parents Meeting
    • Collect First Payment Moneys from Participants (Ideal: $125/person)
  • After Completing Above: Trip Chairman Makes Initial Booking Contact With NCCO
    • Submit names of travel group leaders and alternate leaders, both postal and email addresses
      This is a Federal requirement as of 2019 season and must be done at the time of the permit(s) is reserved. This information cannot be changed later … hence alternate leaders
    • Wilderness Entry Permit Fees (US or Canada must be on Visa / Mastercard credit card)
    • Non-Refundable Deposit ($100/person) If check is to be used, we must receive it within 7 days
  • Three to Five Months in Advance of Trip
    • Confirm Sales Tax Status of Unit / Apply for exemption if applicable
    • Start Organizing Transportation
    • Start First Aid Review and Training
    • Start Water Safety Review and Canoe Training (Pool Party ?)
    • Collect Second Payment Moneys from Participants (Ideal 1/2 balance)
    • Organize youth into Travel Groups of 6-9 People (Even numbers where possible)
    • Travel Groups Select Menus
    • Send Travel Groups Rosters and Menus to NCCO
  • 90 Days In Advance of Trip
      If going to Canada, apply for Remote Area Border Crossing Permits (Customs clearance)

    • Refine Trip Budget
    • Second Parents Meeting (with Participants, too)
    • Review Wilderness Risks / Consent Forms signed
    • Discuss Travel Plans and On The Road Expenses
    • Discuss “What To Bring List”
  • 45 Days In Advance of Trip
    • Participants Meeting
    • Review Second Parents Meeting
    • Establish Ground Rules For Behavior
    • Match-up Initial Canoeing Partners (2s or 3s) Paddle groups in even numbers
    • Initial Discussion of Travel Times
    • Finalize All Travel Arrangements
    • Finalize Trip Budget
    • (Shake down overnight camping trip?)
  • 30 Days In Advance of Trip
    • Final Date to Cancel Trip and have Deposit Credited
  • 15 to 30 Days In Advance of Trip
    • Third Parents Meeting (with Participants) (Bar-B-Que Picnic?)
    • Collect Final Payment Moneys from Participants
    • Lock-in Travel Times
    • Review “What To Bring List”
  • 7 Days In Advance of Trip
    • Final Date to notify NCCO of changes with no Repacking Penalty
    • Secure check or cash for estimated NCCO Payment (credit cards carry a 3% fee)
    • Secure Credit Cards, Checks, or Cash for On The Road Expenses
    • Secure Cash for Incidental Expenses or emergency repairs
  • 1 Day In Advance Of Trip
    • Notify NCCO of any Last Minute Problems
    • Load Vehicles with Everything except the Participants:
      • Personal Canoe Trip Stuff bags or Pillowcases,
      • On-The-Road Items
      • National Tour Permit,
      • Parental Releases,
      • Medical Forms
    • Funds for On The Trip,
    • Sales Tax Exemption (if applicable and not already mailed to NCCO)