All-Inclusive Stress Relief Discount Package

We read a report that claimed Americans in general are lousy vacationers. We Americans are so imprisoned by work and other responsibilities we do not treat ourselves well when it comes time to relax. They say it takes three days in most vacation destinations just to begin to unwind. Many Europeans vacation the entire month of August and think it is uncivilized to schedule anything less! Perhaps you won’t be able to take four weeks off this summer, but a little careful preparation will help you make the most of your hard-earned vacation.

Travel and health experts say a winning getaway — one that is enjoyed before, during, and after a trip — takes a bit of planning. Otherwise, you may be doomed to repeat scenarios that have made countless other escapes stressful.

Consider these situations:

  • Have you ever felt frantic and lost sleep before a trip?
  • Ever got stuck in slow-moving traffic or in long airport security lines?
  • Tired of trying to find enough activities for the kids to do?
  • Feel the need to check in with work during vacation?

While we doubt the European vacation will ever catch on here in America, we do wonder if one day Americans are just going to topple over from exhaustion, and the Italians will be there with a glass of Lambrusco or a nice Chianti laughing and feeling sorry for us. A recent Mother Jones article points out the following statistics:

  • Middle-aged men who skip taking a vacation for five years increase their risk of heart attack by 30 percent.
  • Thirty percent of employees do office work during vacation.
  • Thirty-two percent of most paid vacation time is wasted, spent doing non-vacation activities.

Want to have the best vacation ever?

Sometimes, the planning, shopping for, and getting to your vacation destination can be just as stressful as any job, so relaxing is important once you are at your final vacationing spot. We yearn for the peace and quiet that comes with the walk down a deserted beach or curling up with a good book on a breezy balcony on a warm day. The act of doing something out of the ordinary can add to the excitement and relaxation of anyone that deals with stress daily.

A relaxing vacation revives our well being and lets us reflect in a non hectic way on how we search for those things that please us most. No timetables or deadlines to be had when it is on our time. It is a important part of our lives to take time to smell the roses, so to speak and see the forest for the trees. A slow down time to enjoy what God has revealed to us and to stimulate the senses.

The best memories of a vacation come from when we have the chance to relax. We cherish the quiet thoughts we have and yearn for those time frequently when the vacation is over. The thoughts of being out in a wilderness with no phones or television add to our exotic fantasy of complete relaxation. No one to shout out demands of our time and space, only the pleasure of each others company in a quiet atmosphere if only for a short time. If you return home from vacation with the feeling of rejuvenation and readiness to challenge the world once again, then your vacation has been a success.

Just arrive … and enjoy … we’ll handle the details!

One price covers everything:

  • Lakeside overnight room at our base the night you arrive, as well as on the night prior to heading home,
  • Continental breakfast prior to starting out on your wilderness canoe trip
  • Five days / four nights on the water canoe trip using our Complete Ultra-lightweight Silver + Outfitting Package
  • Stable, quiet, Kevlar laminate canoes, paddles, and Stearns lifejackets
  • All needed ultra-lightweight equipment and camping supplies
  • All food: fresh & freeze dried meals, snacks, and kitchen and cleaning supplies
  • All land transportation to/from your BWCA entry /exit landings
  • All Minnesota fishing licenses for the duration of your canoe trip
  • All trip maps, planning, and routing
  • All BWCA permit and camping fees
  • NOTE: Minnesota State, County, and Ely Area local taxes and fees not included

Six nights $825 per person

Arrive midweek, deduct $70

Under 21, deduct $75