Making Reservations for Your Canoe Trip

Fill out our questionnaire for the best possible canoe trip experienceA canoe trip with North Country is more than just having some camping stuff stacked in the corner when you arrive. We do our best to make sure every “i” is dotted, and every “t” is crossed. But for us to do a great job for you, we have to have your timely input.

Included in our current Rate & Information Booklet is a questionnaire which we will ask you to complete with all the following information. Request a copy of the Booklet now!

So, let’s get started:

  • Designate one person to head the party.  All correspondence needs to be handled by that one person.
  • IMPORTANT: Get our current Rate & Information Booklet.
    All the information you need is in our current Rate & Information booklet, including the questionnaire for you to fill out with the information below. Send a request conveniently online (or give us a phone call at 800-552-5581) and we’ll get one on its way.
  • Figure out your exact dates. To secure your entry permit, we will need to know what date you actually want to start paddling. Almost all groups spend the night before their trip here at our base. If this is your plan, we need to block rooms for your party. If, at a later time, you need to change your permit dates, your deposits are still good, but we will need to secure a new permit from those available at that time.  So, figuring out your trip dates are very important.
  • How many will be in your party? If you have a few people that you are not sure of, book only for those that are firm. Most of the time we can add more people later. A non-refundable deposit will be charged at the time you make your reservation, so only book those that know they are going.

canoeing the BWCA

  • What do you want to do? Have a good feel from your party members on the following:
    1. Canoeing ability
    2. Camping ability
    3. Travel every day (lots of portaging and canoeing) vs base camp (day trips out from a base, little portaging) vs a few layover days
    4. Importance of solitude (and to what degree are you willing to seek it)
    5. Importance of fishing; what species are preferred
    6. Preference for BWCA or Quetico Park, or does it make any difference
  • What are we doing for you outfitting-wise?
    1. Complete Silver, Silver PLUS or Gold Package
    2. Youth Group Package
    3. Partial Outfitting (and what items you will be needing)

    Call us at 800-552-5581 to make your reservation

  • North Country Canoe Outfitters deposits may be paid by credit card or a check received within seven calendar days.
    • Complete Outfitting Packages: $100 / person ( Gold, Silver +, or Silver)
    • Youth Group Complete Packages: $100 / person
    • Partial (a la carte) Outfitting: $50 / person
    • Plus:
      All parties have a one-time $10 group reservation fee
      regardless of how many total people will be involved.
  • Governmental entry permit reservation fees / deposits
    MUST be paid by credit card number (which we forward on to their reservation office)

    • For camping any portion of the trip in the Boundary Waters (BWCA):
      Each group permit (1 to 9 people) requires a: US$10 Reservation Fee and
      two adult camping fee deposits of US$16 each.
      TOTAL FEES ARE US$42 / GROUP PERMIT billed directly by “Reserve America”
    • For camping any portion of the trip in Quetico Park:
      Each group permit (1 to 9 people) requires a: CN$12 Reservation Fee and
      a camping fee deposit of $100.
      TOTAL FEES ARE $115 / GROUP PERMIT billed directly by “Parks Ontario”
    • If multiple permits are required, there will be multiple charges
  • Food: If we are supplying your food, also include your menu selections.
  • For parties paddling into Canada’s Quetico Park: AFTER you receive your confirmation from Quetico Park, each adult (exclusive of spouses) will need to apply to the Canadian Border Services Agency for a CANPAS – RABC (Remote Area Border Crossing) permit. The charge is CN$30.
  • For all non-Canadian citizens taking a trip anywhere in Canada – PASSPORTS ARE REQUIRED.  If you do not have a passport, start the process as soon as possible as it can take over six weeks to receive your passport.
  • Risk Information and Agreements: If any minors are traveling without their parents or guardians, please have parents / guardians review the risk information on this website or in the Rates and Information booklet.  Parents MUST prepare and sign a North Country Canoe Outfitters Risk Acknowledgement / Liability Release Agreement for their children to bring with them. All participants must sign a Risk Agreement form before embarking on their canoe trip, but may do so on site.  Youth unaccompanied by parents need to bring the signed form with them.PDF copies of all risk information and agreements can be downloaded from the locations below: