Here are some additions and changes we’ve made to our outfitting line-up in recent years.  While all of the offerings are detailed in our brochure, we’ll give you a quick run down on some of them:

  • We have made some major upgrade changes in our food menus.
    • Our former GOLD outfitting menu is now the offering for our SILVER packages.  The majority of main course selections are from Natural High. The Thai Shrimp and the Beef Stroganoff over wild rice have been favorites for years.  We have kept Cinnamon Apple Crisp, the Banana Cream Pie, and the French Vanilla Mousse with Raspberries Add a descriptionas these all have had rave reviews.
    • For our GOLD trips, we are introducing an entire new menu from Alpine Aire.  Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken, Pepper Steak, and Wild Tyme Turkey lead off the list.  New desserts include Peach Crumble, and Chocolate Mudslide.
    • And, yes, we are continuing our licensing agreement with Certified Angus Beef to offer 8- and 12-oz Flat Iron, Tri-tip, and Top Sirloin Steaks for the first night on the canoe trails.
    • We have added some additional low sodium main courses.  But the big news on the health side is that we have six GLUTEN-FREE main courses, and six MEATLESS main courses.  In past years, these have been very hard to find.
  • We have 10 new Royalex canoes built specifically for us, ready to hit the water.  This is in addition to five “Boundary Waters” model, and another Prism solo canoe being added to our Kevlar fleet.
  • We are now including weather radios with all of our Complete Outfitting Packages.  We feel this added layer of safety is well worth taking along on the canoe trails.
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