Wilderness Fishing Expedition Special

BWCAW canoe trip, concentrating on fishing, for walleye, small mouth bass and pike.

So … your idea of high adventure is fishing the north country … eh?

Minnesota has a rich fishing history.  Some 11,500 years ago people first arrived here.  Not much is known about those ancient cultures, but evidence reveals they fished here.  The Cree fished and hunted Minnesota approximately 3,000 years ago, before they were pushed north by the Sioux, and later by the Ojibwe.  The first Europeans in the area were the French in 1655.  When they returned to Montreal, they told of the riches in their new territory, and were amazed by the abundance of fish.

There are few places in North America that offer the abundance and variety of fishing that the North Country region does.  The list of species is also a long one:  walleyes, of course, the aggressive small mouth bass, and our voracious northern pike are our primaries.  The deepest of our lakes are filled with lake trout, and some streams and lakes have rainbow and brook trout.

Whether your favorite is a spinning rod and reel, or a casting setup, you’ll be positioned for our Grand Slam foursome.  And for those who can steer a fly rod, bring it along.  Tie on some gaudy streamers, a natural looking popper, or even a bunny-fur leech pattern, and get ready for a hunt like the ones you read about.

8  Person  Wilderness Fishing Special:  7 days / 8 nights

7 days / 8 nights
$5,200 per crew of 7-8 participants
All-Inclusive “Bottom Line” with tax exemption certificate
Equals $650 per participants with 8, $743 per participant with 7

This is ideal for a Saturday afternoon arrival, your Fishing Expedition canoe trip running from Sunday to Saturday and departing for home the following Sunday morning.  If you prefer to arrive on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoon, deduct $400 per crew of eight.