Our NEW High Adventure Expedition Specials

With over three decades and years of personal outfitting experience as the original owners and managers of North Country, we have outfitted well over 20,000 members of youth groups.  We have both come to know, and have seen the changes, of youth over that time.  Trends have developed in two opposite directions:

  • Shorter 6-day (+/-) trips,having “a little bit of everything,” like the Boy Scout Sea Base, in Florida.
  • 10-day ( +/-) trips at a relaxed pace, like the Boy Scout’s Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

Our traditional, custom designed, 5-8 day Completely Outfitted trips have successfully addressed the former since our beginnings.  But time and time again, we have heard from leaders after their trips, “We didn’t have enough time to …” or “We had to push pretty hard taking the longer add-on route option you mapped, to get the full 50 miles in.”  We have not only heard… we have listened, too!

North Country’s owner grew-up in Scouting, having been to two National Jamborees, Region 7 Canoe Base, Philmont Scout Ranch, Region 10 Wilderness Canoe Base, National Camping School, two Order of The Arrow National Conferences, and two summers on the council’s camp staff.  We want you to have experiences, just like those.

With times as they are, however, many teens may have only one opportunity to experience the thrill of a High Adventure trip.  It is an imperative that it is “all that it can be” for them and at a pace that is enjoyable for both teens and the adults as well.

The equipment we use all comes from nationally known suppliers with reputations for quality, not lowest price.  “Dealing with youth groups” is no reason for us to lower North Country’s decades-old standards of excellence in gear, food, and customer service.

From the moment your group arrives at our lakeside base until your closing campfire, we want your total experience to be both positive and memorable.

With our Expedition Specials EVERYTHING you may need is included

*Indicates items and services included with our Expedition Specials, which are normally an additional charge with our traditional complete outfitting offering.

Arrival Day: (Dinner not included; multiple restaurants within 7 miles)

  • Full briefing on your complete outfitting package as listed: “TWO-to-a- canoe” Royalex canoes (lighter than aluminum / quiet for fishing), all regularly listed gear, food, and supplies, per our Leader’s Guide
  • A detailed trip routing session, with maps supplied,* marking where to camp, portage, take side trips, or checkout an interesting spot
  • All USFS permit and fees* (Canadian fees, if necessary, are added)
  • Private overnight bunkrooms at our lakeside base*

Trip days 1 through 7 / 9 / or 12:  “In the woods – on the lakes”

  • Pre-Trip, fast start, full, hot, continental breakfast at our base
  • Van transportation to your starting BWCA entry location*
  • Van transportation back from your BWCA take-out exit location*

Final evening, after coming off of the canoe trails: (Dinner not included)

  • Use of our campfire ring for a close to your expedition adventure*
  • Private overnight bunk rooms at our lakeside base*
  • Boundary Waters participant patch