“Full Moon” over the Boundary Waters:
an internet only discount special !

One night of your 2016 canoe trip must be in the woods (not at our lakeside base)
for the full moons on:

  • Saturday, May 21st
  • Monday, June 2oth
  • Thursday, August 14th

One day free discount on full moon canoe trip to BWCAAs long as we are celebrating the night sky with our Fourth of July Special, let’s do it for the other three months of the BWCA canoeing season as well! Watching the full moon rise over a wilderness lake creates a feeling that is special for almost everyone. Be sure to bring your binoculars.


On the water 6 days: use the 5 day rates
On the water 7 days: use the 6 day rates
On the water 8 days: use the 7 day rates
On the water 9 days: use the 8 day rates
No other outfitting or flight discounts may be used.
This is a true internet special, and must be mentioned (“Full Moon”)
when making your reservation.  It may not be added at a later time.

Please contact us for more information and a FREE brochure.

Fish can see better with the increase in night light during a full moon. That fact alone makes nocturnal feeders like bass and walleye more apt to take advantage of the full moon, but it’s also what’s going on with their forage that sparks interest. Crawfish, shad, and bream increase activity levels around full moons, too, and that creates a recipe for easier pickins. Though we can’t say fishing this moon phase guarantees you big fish, don’t pass up the opportunity to get on the water — not only at dawn and dusk, but also during the days preceding and following the full moon. In the past we’ve noticed shallow fishing that’s been good only gets better when the moon is shining bright.

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