The Three Supermoons of 2014

In 2014, the July full moon presents the first full moon after the June 21 solstice (the longest day of the year). In the North Country we often call this full moon the “Buck Moon” because around this time of year, buck deer start growing antlers.

This summer, the July full moon is the first of three full-moon […]

The Chicago Tribune – The Trip North: Doing it the right way

By John Husar

We were heading to the airport from a five-day sojourn in the U.S. – Canadian boundary wilderness when I asked our outfitter for tips. Not for a trip like ours, which was perfect, but for folks who might be thinking of their own canoe-camping voyage in the north.

There was a long, pensive silence […]

Fly-Fishing through Mid-Life Crisis

By Howell Raines

Chapter Three


Sometimes we need to be close to the earth and feel its true age and contemplate its real history. We need to contemplate, as well, the history of man’s imaginings about the earth.

The earth, for example is 4.5 billion years old. Lakes were created, and as the granite resolved itself into soil, […]

The New York Times – Finding A New Affection For Pike

By Howell Raines

ELY, Minn. — For the third year in a row, my sons and I ventured into the wilderness lakes north of this town with our fly rods and with our hearts free of suspicion that anything would come between us and our beloved smallmouth bass. Enter the northern pike, […]

New York Times – Outdoors: A Paradise Found In The Minnesota Wilderness


By Howell Raines

Over the years, I have learned the hard way that from the standpoint of the fly fisherman, not all wilderness outfitters are created equal. So when I got ready for a long-anticipated trip into the Quetico/Superior wilderness, I took some care in choosing among the firms located in […]

2012: A Peak Year For Northern Lights

Experience nature’s 2012 spectacular!
Nasa predicts brightest northern lights display for 50 years

Northern LightsIt is nature’s most mesmerizing lights show and it’s about to get a whole lot better.

The solar cycle takes an average of around 11 years to go from one solar maximum to the next – varying between […]